Wild Gift, Inc.: Funding support
David Stump: Designed Eco Expressions logo
Sierra Club - Inner City Youth Outings (ICO): Hiking and Camping  (6-8th grade)
REI – Donated sports bottles
Trader Joe’s – Donated healthy snacks
Aquatic Adventures: Kids in Canyons (4th grade)
Toussaint Teen Academy of Arts and Sciences: Sailing (9-12th grade)
Mesa College – Marine Biology class: Birdwatching (college students)
Girl Scouts of San Diego County and Northern New York State: Nature Arts (2-4th grade)
San Diego Center for Children – center for abused children: Gardening (3-5th grade)
ARTS (A Reason To Survive) – Art therapy for children: Nature Arts (3-5th grade)
Pacific Beach Teen Leadership Center: Sailing  (6-8th grade)
South Bay YMCA: Canyon hike (12th grade)
Shakti Rising – women in recovery: Wilderness Writing (ages 18-25)
Broad Reach Sailing


Peco Foundation: Funding support
Atkinson’s Market: Donated healthy snacks
Smokey Mountain Pizza: Donated pizza
Backwoods Mountain Sports: Donated sports equipment
Wood River Middle School: Afterschool program (6-8th grade)
Carey School: Creative Writing by Canoe (10th grade)
Blaine County School District: Program support
Wood River YMCA: Program support
Sawtooth Science Institute: Program support


Leah Guthridge, Counseling Staff
Shakti Rising, young women’s rehab center
San Diego, CA
“We had so much fun, Jenny has been telling everyone about it and about you.
Thanks for your contribution to our community. Carry on your good work and bringing people back into connection with their selves.”  

Nola Lamken, Former Resident Manager
Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary
Lakeside, CA
“Dear Jan,
What a beautiful mission statement! It sounds like a song. I have never seen a better representation for wilderness. Your words create ample room which allows growth, creativity, and evolution.”

Susan Conniry, Founder
Coyote Youth Project
Lakeside, CA
“What you’re doing is terribly important. The students develop through what they write. A lot of people are scared of being outdoors. And yet that’s where the magic is.”

Ellen Feeney, Co-Chair
Sierra Club Inner City Youth Outings
San Diego, CA
“Without saying it, art and writing can be therapy for kids. Different perspectives help them process more than just the task at hand.
Jan did a writing component to hikes with Roosevelt Middle School/YMCA at San Elijo Lagoon. She started with sensory perception before the hike – wide zoom lens. What do you see that’s natural (not man-made)? Then zoom in for detail, using sound, touch/textures and smell. This opening exercise sets up their mental approach to a hike as reflective. She did one more writing exercise at lunch time and at the end of the trip. Kids were asked to share what they wrote at the end of each exercise.
Knowledge can bring respect – as you focus narrowly on one thing, you really get to know it. Documenting, even ordinary things, can be powerful and history. It may not exist just this way in future years or even for the rest of your life. Let the children take notes, as they go, on what they liked best or discovered. At the end of the hike, you can compile them into a team poem.”



The Wild Gift
A non-profit organization that supports the leadership initiatives of visionary youth, ages 21-30, working for sustainable human community and harmony with Nature.

Wood River YMCA
Dedicated to the physical and cognitive enrichment of the entire Wood River (Idaho) community, especially its children.

Shakti Rising
Assists youth, primarily women ages 15-25 in overcoming addictions, abuses, and disempowerment about their minds, bodies, and spirits.

ARTS (A Reason To Survive)
A San Diego-based non-profit organization dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and self confidence to the lives of children and youth facing adversities by providing expressive opportunities through the visual, performing and literary arts.